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Wedding Dress 911: Preventing Bridal Gown Emergencies

When you dream of being a bride, you envision all eyes are on you as you walk proudly in your gorgeous flowing dress towards your adoring groom. But anyone who’s ever been married will tell you, it’s not all glamor. There are a lot of fires to put out with even the best planned wedding. Every bride deserves to be the center of attention. So when planning your wedding, make sure you are prepared for any last minute dress woes because let’s face it, with your luck there probably will be some.

wedding dressEveryone is rushing around before a wedding and the threat of ripping your dress is a possibility. That is why experienced wedding planners recommend bringing masking tape. Don’t get me wrong, string and thread are great but often there isn’t time to sew a tear. You’ve spent hours fixing your hair and makeup and having to take the dress off for repairs is not feasible. A strip of well hidden masking tape could do the trick. Double sided tape can also be a life saver. The tape can be neatly tucked under the dress to hold smaller rips down. But it also works wonders for holding hemlines were you need them to be. This is particularly useful if your dress has a plunging neckline. This is a family show after all.

On the subject of tears, let’s not forget about stockings. I don’t know about you, but I can wear the same stockings week after week to work and never rip them, but the moment I’m at a wedding or funeral, they tear. You can never go wrong bringing an extra pair.

Every once in a while you see a photo of beautiful celebrity at an event and the picture reveals the outline of her under clothes or worst yet, no underclothes. You probably wonder how no one noticed this beforehand. If the celebs can teach us anything, it’s that what comes up in a photo is not what you see in with the naked eye (pun not intended).

Flash photography can illuminate more than you expected and if you aren’t wearing a full slip or other underclothes, such as Spanx, it’s there for the world to see. Keep in mind that the dress you see in the bridal store will look different in other lighting. For example, an outdoor wedding will have brighter lighting than a dim lit store and thinner fabric could be more revealing than anticipated. Wearing a full slip will ensure that even if the fabric is more see through than you would like, you will still maintain your modesty. By matching your full slip with the color of the dress, no one will be able to tell that the slip is showing.

Perhaps you’ve slacked off the diet a bit since the last fitting. You are in danger of clasp or button popping. Keeping safety pins on hand are a good idea for quick fix to all your button woes. So go ahead and have some cake at your rehearsal dinner. Go ahead and enjoy the whole process. You only get married once, I hope, so be prepared so you can relax and enjoy your day without fear of wardrobe malfunctions.

Five Ways to Have Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

christmas disco ballThe time for the Christmas season is almost upon us. Children begin to write long letters to Santa. The faint hint of Christmas music begins to float in the air. People are dusting off stockings and checking their lights for functionality. Yes, it has always been a tradition for family members to decorate during the festive seasons like Christmas. The lights and ornaments can be seen on houses, corners, and streets everywhere. While everyone is busy dreaming of a white Christmas, It is important to ensure that you have a green Christmas by use of eco-friendly materials. Here are five ways to ensure your Christmas decorations are eco-friendly.

1.    One should ensure that the wrapping of gifts is eco-friendly. Instead of purchasing your wrapping supplies from the local store, this can be achieved through the use of alternatives like hand decorated paper meant for groceries and newspapers. If one is feeling really adventurous, unwanted clothing and holiday linens could also be used for wrapping. These are appropriate for wrapping smaller presents. Some people do prefer to purchase gift wrappings from the stores. If this is the case, one should make sure that the wrappings are made from material that can be recycled or re-used again during the next holiday.

2.    Another way to ensure a green Christmas is to try and purchase a living Christmas tree. This is important because one can replant the live tree immediately after the Christmas season is over. Most sellers bundle the tree in burlap with all its roots in place. One would remove the ornaments and decorations and could choose to offer the tree as a donation or plant it in the yard.

3.    One could also choose to decorate their Christmas tree using natural forms of decorations. Some of these decorations include colored berries, pine cones and green leaves. These materials are easy to find. Other options include use of handmade wreaths, snowflakes, solar Christmas lights, paper stars and chains, painted shells from eggs. You could also stitch a doll at the top of the tree.

4.    One could also make crafts at home. This is a good option as they are cheap. Some of the crafts include garlands made from popcorn and cranberries. You could also use wrappings made from paper used for the purpose of shipping combined with sticker and holiday stamps.

5.    Light emitting diode bulbs are more efficient as they use minimal energy compared to the conventional types of lights. LED solar Christmas lights by Collections Etc. have greater durability and offer a cool touch which means a lesser chance of causing a fire. Of all types of lighting, solar Christmas lights are usually the best choice. To have an eco-friendly Christmas, one must think outside the box a little bit but it isn’t very difficult. I hope this article has given you a few ideas to act on and have a safe, happy, and eco-friendly Christmas.

Thanks To 123inkjets My Office Now Runs Smoothly


Running a busy office, I am always in the need for high quality ink supplies and, being an accounting firm, my office prints hundreds (if not thousands!) of documents daily. Buying printer related supplies, especially HP printer ink for my 8 office workers was a real challenge the first year we opened our doors. It seemed like every week I was running to the office supply store to pick up ink, because one of my employees had ran out. Having spent more than a thousand dollars buying new HP printer ink cartridges, I was fed up. This had really become a problem for my growing business and I had to find a solution.

I decided to turn to a friend who ran a business similar to mine for advice. Talking with him he was shocked at how much I spent on ink and he wondered why I was still buying brand new ink cartridges. He went on to tell me that he had not bought new ink supplies in over 5 years. Being the good friend he was, he pulled up a website on his computer. was an amazing site; my friend had been using this company to save him thousands of dollars a year. This company had nearly every brand printer ink cartridges out there, but with a very unique twist. The ink cartridges had been remanufactured thus saving the buyer tons of money. They even had my HP printer ink in stock. I was amazed at how much cheaper it was to buy ink this way. After that day I never went back to that office supply store and I never purchased brand new ink again.

Now that I can buy ink so much cheaper, I don’t have to wait to order my supplies. Every month I order my HP printer ink directly from 123 inkjets. I buy enough to last the entire month and my workers are very happy with this arrangement, because they don’t have to hear me complain about having to run out in the middle of a busy workday just to purchase ink. Now all they have to do is go to the supply room and get the ink they need.

If you have a busy office like mine I would suggest that you look into buying your ink needs from They make the buying process easy and the ink arrives safely packaged and on time. With the money I have saved from buying ink at this website, I plan on throwing my office a very nice Christmas party this year.

Building a Christmas Tree Forest in Your Yard

Building a Christmas tree forest in your back yard is hard work and a lengthy process. There’s by no means an immediate profit. The cost to start a forest varies depending on the size of the yard and the initial investments. The process of building your own Christmas tree forest can be pricey if you are starting from scratch. Owners of smaller yards will pay less, because they will usually do their own labor and don’t have to hire anyone else. You can’t build a Christmas tree forest without the proper equipment. To get your forest up and running, you will need a mower, a backpack sprayer, hand pruners, a dibble bar, a shearing knife, pine tip moth monitors, and protective gear. You may choose to pick your own tree for convenience, but whatever you decide, you will want to decorate it well.

It also takes a long time to find outdoor Christmas decorations and it takes an even longer time to grow Christmas trees. It usually takes about 4-5 years for a tree to grow. New trees should be planted each year, so the forest can continue to grow sizable trees. There are many types of outdoor Christmas trees that you can choose to grow. A Fraser Fir tree, covered with soft, 1 inch silver-green needles, is one of the most aromatic. The Fraser Fir will maintain wonderful needle retention as long as they are watered and cut properly. Pine trees are often selected as Christmas trees. Scotch pines, one of the most popular Christmas tree picks, is equipped with stiff and sturdy branches. This tree is thickly covered in dark green needles that are 1 to 3 inches long. Since the beginning of the century, Douglas Firs have been a popular Christmas tree. They are covered with soft needles that are a shiny green hue.

The soil that outdoor Christmas trees are planted in will greatly affect the production of the tree. The Jory soil type, a reddish clay loam, is considered the best for Christmas tree growing. It’s best to do a soil analysis of your yard before planting your Christmas trees. Drainage is the most important soil factor to examine when planting the trees. The soils that are described as “well drained” or “moderately well drained” are best suited for growing Christmas trees. The slope or topography of your site is another land factor to consider when growing. The best locations are gently sloping, but slopes should not exceed 5 to 10% except for short distances. Other factors such as weather and crop history may also affect how the Christmas tree grows.


Christmas Invitations And The Proper Ways To Get It Done

Whenever the presence of Christmas begins to knock on the doors, people start getting up to prepare for the season. This is just the best season where all hearts are unified. Furthermore, the Christmas time is the moment when families and friends gather together and celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. Throughout the season, celebrations are made out at all corners of the world, since several individuals are given the opportunity to take off from work for the holiday. This Christmas parties can be in the form of extravagant corporate parties or the simple family gathering. In preparing for the event, there are various steps you have to take and it making Christmas invitations is the first. Leading the event, make sure that every little thing is well-laid out.

Any party, particularly Christmas parties, are never perfect without the Christmas invitations which is as significant as the others.This is an expression of love and gratitude you want others to celebrated with you this holiday. Through this, your guests will be aware of where and when the Christmas party will be. You must note this as one of your major priorities.

Today, you can now invite your friends through a lot of new ways. Nevertheless, though SMS and emailing is the quickest method to invite your guests, stationeries still means a lot. It’s mainly because Christmas invitations are not that easy to make. You have to make sure that you are using the correct material and tools coupled with creativity. The best thing about this type of invitations is that they are really worth keeping for.. Those individuals who love compiling such kinds of stuff can get the best from this. It’ll always instill the great memories with them.

A specially crafted design not usual this year should be your first choice. If you think you can not really obtain these designs in the market nowadays, you better think again. Typical designs can be made one of a kind and exceptional once you add your creativeness to the material. It’s exactly about your feelings and emotions. In so doing, you can save some money because you will be the one to create your own design base on your spending budget. But if you prefer for more creative masterpiece of design, better continue reading. It doesn’t have to be a chore to order personalized Xmas invites, especially if you use

Fresh vs. Fake

There is something to be said about having real ornaments on your tree. However, there is also something to be said about having fake ones as well. Your Christmas tree themes do not necessarily have to be decorations that are chosen simply because of their looks. Decorations are normally chosen based on their sentimental value to the person or the people that own the tree itself.dfgdfgdgfd

There are plenty of decorations that can be bought that have great sentimental value, and look good when put onto the tree as well. What some families do is they normally take all of the best looking ornaments and place them nicely onto the front of the tree. Any Christmas tree decorations that are not as good looking are usually saved for the back of the tree. Then again, other families will opt for simply putting homemade ornaments alone on their tree, or just fake ones. There is really not a fixed rule when it comes to what method of decorating your tree is really better. Many times, fresh ornaments do leave a lot more dirt on your tree, but the same amount of effort as far as placing the ornaments onto the tree is about the same for each. The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your decorations is that you should enjoy them. After all, buying ornaments at all is a colossal waste of your personal time and your money if you truly do not like the ornaments that you buy.

Everyone will have their own personal opinion on whether fake or fresh ornaments are better, you just need to figure out which of them that you think you’d enjoy best. These opinions are all neither right nor wrong. They are simply that-opinions that other people hold. In fact, opinions make a diverse world, and diversity is something that makes this life not boring. Sure, the example is a bit extreme, but it is still one that holds true. Decorations for a Christmas tree are small things compared to other ideas and topics that people always have their own opinions on. It is nice to be able to look at each Christmas tree and the Christmas tree decorations. There is just no getting around it-Christmas tree decorations look nice, and they are always very festive.



It’s nice to know that having the right holiday home décor helps in creating a nice, warm holiday environment.  For many people, the holidays signify travel, and sometimes a home away from home. Finding a holiday home decor store and finding the right design for such a place such as this can be a tricky. Let’s look at a few things to focus on.

  • Carpet

Carpet is a very comforting flooring material. Especially in places that have particularly bad winters. The type of carpet you choose should be based on a couple of factors. Where will the carpet be going? What is the décor of the room? If you are intending to carpet the hall leading from the front door for example. Then you will need a hard wearing carpet that is easy to clean. You can be more luxurious with the living area and the bedrooms, but again you must think of the colours in the room already. You don’t want them to clash.

  • Hardwood floor

This is a lovely flooring that gives added character to a room. It is very hard wearing, so putting it in the hallway is no problem. Even the hardiest of carpet will not outlive a well looked after wood floor. It is also of course, easy to clean and there are no problems regarding spills. Rugs and runners can be used in the living area if you want to break up the floor a little.

  • Stone Floor

This is a lovely flooring to have in a kitchen or bathroom area. You can get many different types of stone, and also non slip types for the bathroom. They are easy to keep clean and maintenance free, except if one cracks, which doesn’t happen often.

  • Vinyl/Laminate

For those on a budget, there is always vinyl or laminate flooring. Vinyl comes on a roll like carpet and is easy to lay. There are many different patterns to choose from and it’s waterproof. Laminate needs to be laid similarly to hardwood floors. However there’s is no need for adhesive. If you are laying the laminate in a bathroom, be sure to get the waterproof type.

If you are just using the holiday home yourself, then you can make it a really cosy place just as you would like it by adding your own holiday home decor. If you are going to have guests, this doesn’t have to change, but consideration should be made just to make sure there is something for everyone.

Designing Your Own Custom Invitations

Invitations are used for any number of events and putting your personal touch on them allows your intended recipients a look inside the feelings and thought that you placed in having them drawn up. Custom invitations can be used for a surprisingly large number of things. In fact, there is literally no event where they cannot be used. Some of the occasions are listed here but by no means does this cover all of the events they can be used for.

  • birth announcements
  • birthdays
  • dinner parties
  • fund raisers
  • beach parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Weddings

The type of occasion will dictate the type and material that the invite should be constructed or created from. The more formal the event, the nicer the card material should be. If it is a beach party, all the information can be listed on a sheet of paper and considered to be more than adequate. For those that really wish to make a good impression, a calligrapher could be hired to add a special touch to them.

Weddings are perhaps the most significant of invitations. With so many couples being married, making your stationary unique can be an arduous task. There are hundreds of designs to choose from along with numerous fonts. You can mix and match any of these styles in any way you please. You can select a standard format or make up the entire custom invitations using your own words. Some couples will have a verse added that has special meaning to them. A good printer will work with you to make this daunting task into one that will bring you, your family and friends, unlimited enjoyment. Keep in mind that weddings are perhaps the most expensive due to the number of items that can be included in an order. Some of them are:

  • save the date cards
  • the invitation itself
  • response cards
  • reception cards
  • place cards
  • directions
  • thank you cards
  • ceremony programs

Not every couple will want all of these items included in their selections and it is not necessary to do so. Often times, attendance and food choices are listed together on response cards. The location of the reception can be listed below the information on the bride and groom and where their ceremony will be held and at what time.

Custom invitations are exactly that; the end product of what the person or persons mailing them wants them to be. They can be serious or whimsical, plain or decorative; dressed up with ribbon or left unadorned. You and you alone are the master of your own creation.  The best part is, many sites like offer multiple resources to help make the perfect invitations for your event.  The possibilities are endless!

There are a great number of people that will work to create their own invitations. If you are adept at using the computer many beautiful invitations can be implemented in this manner. There are a variety of cards that are embossed with beautiful designs and all you have to do is add the lettering. Even here you get to choose your own color ink and the font that you find the most attractive. This can be a great money saving endeavor, but can also mean a big loss if you ruin numerous cards in your attempt to make them yourself. Your custom invitations should be a personal reflection of you and what you want the event to signify, so take your time to implement your personal character into your invitation and the response you receive will be an honorable one.

Recycled Ink Saves Major Money


A printer’s quality depends on more than just the printer itself. The ink cartridge plays an important role in the quality of the prints produced and Brother ink is, by far, one of the best in terms of ink quality around.

Brother manufactures some of the best printers on the market today but what many fail to realize is that a Brother ink cartridge, combined with a Brother printer, is practically unbeatable. The ink used in Brother cartridges is of the highest quality and is capable of producing fantastic prints and copies. The quality of the ink in an ink cartridge is nearly as important as the quality of the printer it supports.

The wonderful thing about Brother printers is that, well, they are just wonderful. There are many other compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges that work with Brother printers. And in many cases, the quality of the ink cartridge is nearly identical to that of a Brother ink cartridge–this is a great option for anyone needing to save a little cash!

So how do you go about finding compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges for your Brother printer? Most stores that sell Brother printers will also sell their own store brand compatible ink cartridges. They might be a little difficult to locate but, if they are available, they will be found in the same area as the regular Brother cartridges. In most cases, they will be right next to the brand name cartridge itself.

There is really no downside to using compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges. Many just prefer to use the Brother name brand cartridges and that is perfectly fine. The difference in quality will be very difficult to notice but it’s all about preference. So how do you decide which to purchase? The answer is simple. You choose whichever one makes you happy!

There are benefits to using either type of ink cartridge and neither outweighs the other. The benefit that typically wins the Brother cartridge buyer over is in the name brand (as mentioned earlier) while the benefit that typically wins the compatible and remanufactured ink cartridge buyer over is in the price difference. If you’re not sure, browse 123inkjets to decide which option is best for you. While one cartridge is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the printer, the other will save quite a bit of money. That is really what it boils down to in the end.

Bridal Shower Invites Questions Answered

planning your wedding shower

Q. Who should be invited to the Bridal Shower?

A. That depends on who is throwing the shower, normally the maid or matron of honor. Sometimes a bride can have more than one shower, but generally the bride’s closest friends, relatives, and the groom’s Mother and female siblings and/or other female relatives he is close to. *Important Note: Anyone that is invited to the bridal shower should also be on the wedding invitation list.*

Q. What details should be included on the Bridal Shower Invites?

A. Include the following details:

  • The event; “Bridal Shower for…” If there is a theme include that also, but do not make it too over the top, it may discourage some from attending.
  • Host’s name… If it is being hosted by multiple people put something such as, “Hosted by Family and/or Friend of…” On the thank you cards you send out, name everyone that played a part in the hosting of the shower.
  • Location… Make sure you insert a map with directions.
  • Time… Time it begins and a projected end time, but make a note if you are expecting “after shower” festivities.
  • R.S.V.P. information: Contact person, phone number, email address, and date needed the R.S.V.P. by.

Q. Should the groom be expected to be at the shower?

A. In today’s society it is perfectly okay to have a co-ed bridal shower. However, the bridal shower usually is the brides time to have a little gathering just for the girls, besides as I mentioned earlier there could be “after shower festivities”.

Q. When should the guests receive their bridal shower invites?

A. The invites should be sent out a month prior to the celebration. Using a site like Paper Style to custom build bridal shower invites can make it so easy – there are so many options! This gives the host time to address and send the invites, plus it gives the guest time to R.S.V.P. and go shopping.

Q. If there is more than one bridal shower being held for the bride, should the same guests be invited to all of them?

A. No, no, no… The same guest should never be invited to multiple showers. This will seem as if the bride is just out to acquire as many gifts as possible.

*However, if one shower is more traditional, and another one is more of a party type of shower you may want to invite some of the same people but make sure they understand it more of a “bash” than a gift giving gathering.*

The Scoop on Compatible Ink Cartridges


Ink cartridges are expensive. In some cases, the cost of ink over the life of the printer can exceed its purchase price, particularly now that many home printers are priced competitively around $100. Unless you print photographs or require high resolution print quality, using a compatible ink cartridge might save you money. Purchasing compatible cartridges can save you up to 50 percent on the cost of ink.

Compatible ink cartridges, also called remanufactured cartridges, come from a company that refills the empty cartridges and repairs any damaged or defective parts, then resells the cartridge. These cartridges are unique to each manufacturer.

While there is no easy answer as to which is better, there are some factors to consider when deciding between a cartridge from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and a remanufactured cartridge.

• Compatible ink cartridges are priced well below those of the OEM. Companies that sell compatible ink cartridges can set their own prices. Prices for cartridges from the OEM are set by the manufacturer and don’t vary from retailer to retailer.
• Remanufactured cartridges are filled to capacity while those from the OEM are not. This can give you more pages per cartridge.
• Remanufactured cartridges are better for the environment. For those who want to go green, these recycled cartridges help the environment by not ending up in the landfill.
• Print quality can be affected when using remanufactured cartridges. Unfortunately, the quality is not as crisp as an original cartridge. However, for routine printing, a recycled cartridge could be a good deal.
• Ink quality can be unreliable between manufacturers. Before purchasing a remanufactured ink cartridge, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you are purchasing the ink cartridges on-line, look at their customer reviews. The reputable companies will provide a warranty or a money back guarantee.

As with any purchase, it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into before buying. If you decide to purchase a compatible cartridge, keep these things in mind.
• Do the ink cartridges meet or exceed the OEM standards? Are they certified by the Standardized Test Methods Committee (STMC)? The STMC certification gives assurance that a nonpartisan third party group has verified the quality of the cartridge.
• Using a remanufactured ink cartridge will not void your printer’s warranty. Despite the warnings from the various printer manufacturers, using an ink cartridge that is compatible with your printer doesn’t void the warranty. Not only is this misinformation, it’s a violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act and numerous anti-trust laws.
• If the printer does communicate with the ink cartridges via a smart chip, remanufactured cartridges will not be able to do so. The printer may not be able to detect the new ink cartridge or the printer may fail to display the ink level.
• If you use a remanufactured cartridge and it fails, be sure there is a money back guarantee. Reputable retailers want happy customers and will refund your purchase. If you purchase on-line, you will need to pay shipping and handling to return the item but will still receive the refund of your purchase price.

If the price of ink is eating up your budget, consider purchasing compatible cartridges. For routine use, they are an inexpensive yet quality alternative to OEM cartridges.

Baby Shower Invitations that Wow!

how to plan your baby shower

Someone is expecting a baby! Whether it is you, a family member, or a close friend, you want your baby shower invites to be as perfect as your new addition will be. With all of the options available today, from do it yourself to made to order, from online to a local shop, it can be hard to figure out exactly what the best option is for you. Baby shower invitations need to be attractive, informative, and easy-to-read. When the gender of the coming baby is known, you can use that information to determine the color scheme of the baby shower invites. If not, yellows and greens are good neutral colors that all baby showers can use regardless of the sex of the baby on the way.

Do it yourself options are very popular today, but while they may seem like a cost-effective opportunity, always remember that your time is valuable, too. There are so many online options like for baby shower invites now that are made-to-order and also inexpensive, often these options are actually cheaper than do it yourself, especially when you factor in time spent on other, profitable endeavors instead of gluing tiny blue paper socks onto card stock.

Photo websites are a great option for getting a DIY feel with way less effort. You can upload photos of the expectant parents, or of the couple as babies themselves. Enter all the pertinent information, and even upload contacts from your computer for the envelopes. You can have a one-click solution to your invitation quandary.

Your local stationary store is also a great resource for a more personalized experience when buying your baby shower invitations. The clerk there will be able to actually let you feel the different card stocks and see examples of possible invitation designs in person. Although this way is often more expensive than other, online or do it yourself options, the personalized attention to detail, and the opportunity to work with someone in your community are some of the perks that you are paying for.

An in-between option is a website that has the option to mail you a proof of your invitation. In addition to photo sharing sites, many invitation and stationary websites do have this option, and if you have planned long enough in advance, you can proof your invitation in its physical form. Have fun with the opportunity to celebrate this mom and the coming addition to her family.

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